Nik test kit u

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Nik test kit u

In laboratory experiments, at least two brands of field testing kits have been shown to produce false positives in tests of Mucinex, chocolate, aspirin, chocolate, and oregano. However, law enforcement agencies continue to employ these kits. Fox 13 Tampa investigated the validity of drug field testing kits in the wake of arrests of three people based on false positives from field tests.

Eventually all three were cleared and all charges were dropped. Omar Bagasra, a research scientist at Claflin University, has been looking into the validity of field drug testing kits. In controlled tests in his laboratory, Dr. Bagasra, Dr. Cherilyn Haggen-Paey, and forensic scientist Chris Addanki, have demonstrated that the chemicals used in the kits are prone to give false positives even with common household materials.

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According to their tests, Mucinex can produce false positives for heroin and morphine; chocolate can be interpreted as marijuana; and soap can test positive as GHB. Even exposure to air caused false positives in some kits, according to their tests. Field drug testing kits were created to screen for illicit substances in the field followed by more complete testing in a laboratory setting.

However, the tests stand in for more scientifically valid testing until analysis at state crime labs occurs.

Drug testing at state crime labs is typically performed just prior to trial due to the high rate of plea bargaining in drug cases, and therefore false positives are often not discovered unless contested at trial.

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During this time, the false positives from field tests can cause innocent citizens to be detained in jail for weeks or even months. Ina Pennsylvania college student was held for three weeks when flour was mistaken for cocaine.

nik test kit u

Additionally the report lists approximately forty extracts—such as vanilla, peppermint, or ginkgo—which can test as false positives for marijuana. Frederic Whitehurst, a Ph. Whitehurst and Dr. Bagasra have recommended that drug field testing kits not be used. They say law enforcement would receive more valid results by waiting for results from lab testing. Click here to read an article about the arrest of a man in Buncombe County based on a false positive field test result of cheese and tortilla dough.Users of the this system begin with a general test and through a series of tests can presumptively identify major drugs of abuse.

This eliminates the need for measuring, mixing and dispensing of reagents. Just place a small sample of the suspected drug in the pouch, break the ampoules and watch for the color change. A positive color indicator on the pouch will help to interpret the reaction. These ampoules are held together by a plastic bar in heavy-duty plastic pouches in which the actual chemical reaction is done.

This bar holds the ampoules in the proper order for performing the color test. The sample size of the suspected drug should be the amount of powder held on the large end of a flat toothpick. Just place this small sample of the suspected drug in the pouch, break the ampoules. Once the ampoule is broken, do not continue to "mash" the pouch.

This could cause a tear in the pouch from the broken glass. Agitate, wait and watch for the color change s. A positive color indicator is printed on the pouch.

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To see the color properly, hold the pouch steady in front of a white piece of paper. BlackHawk Shotgun Stocks Riflestocks. Tekk Antennas Tekk Belt Clips. Propper Jackets, Parkas and Outwear 5. All rights reserved. Footwear 5.There are currently users online.

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Previous 1 2 template Next. NIK testsPM. Does anyone carry these with them on duty or buy them? My department won't supply them and the County Magistrate has told me he wants to see them used for all drug charges.

Anyone else run into this? I just bought a box of Marijuana tests but I didn't think Officers normally had to buy their own. Tags: None. Originally posted by Profisher View Post. Higgins--The Friends of Eddie Coyle. Comment Post Cancel. I have bought one thing of my own because I was using so many cocaine kits a few years back I got a box of wipes.

When I showed the admin they started buying them. Now you can't keep enough Heroin kits in stock.

nik test kit u

Last edited by tanksoldier ;AM. I fight where I'm told and I win where I fight. Patton, Jr. We face what no one should face. We face, so no one else would face.

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We are in the face of Death. Iowa Originally posted by tanksoldier View Post. Well, keep in mind that the Magistrate is actually wrong on this one You can get PC other ways, and we did before those existed. Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon Don't PM me with without prior permission.The Nik System of Narcotics Identification was developed as a means of rapidly screening and presumptively identifying substances suspected of being illegal drugs.

Designed to be a completely self-contained system, each test provides all necessary elements to perform chemical colorimetric tests for commonly known and frequently abused narcotics and dangerous drugs.

Each test pouch is comprised of one or more chemical reagents. When a predictable color or series of colors occur within a specific testing sequence, a positive confirmation may be presumed. A forensic laboratory is then required to qualitatively identify an unknown substance before a positive identification can be made. For use by fully trained law enforcement professionals only.

Skip to main content. Nik Test U Methamphetamine - 10 tests. Available to Law Enforcement, Educational, and Investigative agencies only. Nik Test A General - 10 tests. Nik Test B General - 10 tests. Nik Test C Barbiturates - 10 tests. Nik Test E Marijuana - 10 tests. Nik Test F Acid Neutralizer - 10 each.

Nik Test G Cocaine - 10 tests. Nik Test H Methadone - 10 tests. Nik Test K Opiates - 10 tests. Nik Test L Heroin - 10 tests. Nik Test M Methaqualone - 10 tests.

Nik Test N Pentazocine - 10 tests. Nik Test P Propoxyphene - 10 tests. Nik Test Q Ephedrine - 10 tests. Nik Test R Rohypnol - 10 tests. Nik Test T Ketamine - 10 tests. Nik Test W Amphetamines - 10 tests. Nik Training CD. Nik Bath Salts Test - 1 test.The NIK System of Narcotics Identification is the only international standard for field testing suspicious substances.

NIK is also the only field test that has been awarded the ISO seal of excellence for quality control. Using state-of-the-art wet chemistry, the system presumptively identifies the most commonly encountered narcotic and street drugs. In most jurisdictions, this well-established and reliable system has been ruled as sufficient to meet the people's prima facie case burden. In addition, the individually sealed NIK Field Tests and factory-sealed boxes assure proper ampoule placement as well as advanced quality assurance and control.

And our new Finger-Guard harness assures increased safety for officers using the kit. Law enforcement officers are expected to combine their investigative skills and experience, knowledge of the characteristics of suspected narcotics, and the expected color reactions from the field tests to correctly identify suspected narcotics.

The NIK system is designed to presumptively identify compounds based on probabilities and the use of multiple tests in succession. The more tests used in the identification of a substance, the greater the probability of positive indication. To gain the maximum benefit from using these test kits, agencies should incorporate the following ten points into their testing protocols to generate accurate and consistent results and successfully establish probable cause to support arrests.

Follow the chart from a general screening to screenings for specific drugs. Each test shows possible color changes and indicate which test to use next. It is an excellent reference for use in the lab or training room. Also available with your purchase are the Report Pads There are just 25 reports per pad, so we recomend to order 4 or more pads. NIK Report Pads were designed to help the end user of the NIK Polytesting System to record all pertinent information when working through the polytesting system.

The user can enter in their casename and material being tested, and as they proceed through the polytesting system, record any colors or color changes and their conclusions based on the NIK color chart.

These Testing Pac Refills are sold in individual boxes, Each box contains 10 tests. Available Drug Test Kits: A. General Screening, Marquis Reagent. Confirming Test. Acid Neutralizer Optional G. Modified Scott Reagent Optional H.

NIK Public Safety Test U - Methamphetamine - Box of 10

Methadone Optional I. Lieberman's Reagent Optional J. Opiates Optional Optional L. Methaqualone Optional N. Pentazocine Optional O. Propoxyphehe Optional Q.

Just Say No To Drug Test Kits - June 7, 2017 Act 3 - Full Frontal on TBS

Ephedrine Optional R. Marijuana, green leaves, seeds - KN Reagent T. Ketamine, Morris Reagent Optional U. Confirming Test Always used in conjunction with Test A, Test B is a secondary screening test for the confirmation of Opiates Morphine, Codeine or Heroin and Amphetamine-type compound as well as a general screening test for other drugs.

nik test kit u

Barbiturates For the presumptive identification of Barbiturates. A positive result is indicated by no color change after breaking the first ampoule and a lavender color after breaking the second ampoule. This test is used after positive results in Test A and B. A positive result is indicated by no color change after breaking the first ampoule and a lavender result after breaking the second and third ampoules.

A positive result is indicated by no color change after breaking the first ampoule, a dark blue or violet after breaking the second ampoule and a grey upper layer over a violet layer upon breaking the third ampoule.

A positive result is indicated by blue or pink with blue speckles after breaking the first ampoule, a pink result after breaking the second ampoule and a pink layer over a blue layer after breaking the third ampoule.Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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Designed for the presumptive identification of methamphetamine and MDMA Ecstasyit allows law enforcement agencies, doctors, hospitals and rehab centers to obtain reliable information. The box includes 10 individual tests. For a percent verification, you should always administer test A prior to test U, as color results for methamphetamine, amphetamine and MDMA ecstacy can be very similar.Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off.

Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Positive Result: Lavender color. Presumptively detect the presence of Cocaine by simply wiping a Cocaine ID Swab over the suspected surface. The Bath Salts test is designed to assist the investigator with the determination of substances perported to be Bath Salts. The test set includes three individual tests, Marquis, Scott's, and Simon's, and when the results are combined, provide and positive indication for the presence of Bath Salts.

Freshplates are unit spot plates for use in forensic laboratories when performing color spot tests. They are resistant to acids but not to solvents such as chloroform or acetone. Available in a box of Details Product Actions Quantity. Ships within 14 days. Add to Cart. Additional Information. Related Products Description Morris Reagent - For the presumptive identification of Ketamine.

Description Presumptively detect the presence of Cocaine by simply wiping a Cocaine ID Swab over the suspected surface. Description The Bath Salts test is designed to assist the investigator with the determination of substances perported to be Bath Salts.

Description Freshplates are unit spot plates for use in forensic laboratories when performing color spot tests.


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